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It is only natural that the two nations are in grief because of the death of the Turkish Chief.

Etnika Nea Newspaper

Our friend Turkey is preparing to pay its final respect to its founder and creator.


Before his death, Atatürk has finished his task to create a strong, young and hard working Turkey that is admired and respected by everyone.

Elenikon Mellon Newspaper

We accepted the fact that he was not an ordinary man and that we had not been able to understand his creative power after he threw away the English, the French and the Italian from Anatolia and defeated us. (1938)

Yorgi Pesmazoğlu, Greek Minister of Economics

Each country will make statues of great men that brought victory, well-being and happiness to their nation. However, Turkey will have to excavate and look for a distinguished stone in the mountains to carve Atatürk’s statue. Because Turkey had the privilege to have such a distincted leader that all the world looked on in envy and admiration. The death of this great man is not only a loss for Turkey, but for the whole civilized world.


Atatürk was in search for the roots of the Turks. Turks have always been influenced by the positive or negative theories of foreign historians. Kemal Atatürk has given the Turkish Nation a rank of nobility that all countries in the world would envy. For the forthcoming generations, only his era would be enough for them to be proud of their past.

A. V. Daskalavis, Greek Historian

We, the Royal Government, the Hellenic Nation and I personally share the national mourning of our friend and ally Turkey. Greece has decided to show its deepest sympathy to this noble and friendly nation in their most difficult time. While remembering the Great Chief, the brave soldier and the creator of Turkey in respect, Greece will never forget the fact that President Kemal Atatürk has been the founder of Turkish-Greek peace and cooperation. Greece will always keep the meaningful memory of the Great Deliverer that changed the fate of the noble Turkish Nation.

General Metaksas, Prime Minister of Greece, 1938

“Atatürk’s only feature and fame is not his shiny sword. Things he did in peace expressed the strength of his determination and the brilliance of his ideas. A development such this great has not been achieved since the time of Peter the Great. Atatürk has managed to create a young, strong and determined Turkey that knows where to go in only 16 years.

Akropolis Newspaper

No one has ever done what Atatürk has done in Turkey anywhere. Neither Cavour, nor Cromwell, nor Washington… No one has done what he has done and no one has found what he has found. The new generation that he created according to his principles will surely continue in his path.

Tipos Newspaper

Plutarque has written the biographies of many heroes in history. He believes the greatest success and happiness a man can ever reach in life is to be remembered by other nations of the world in respect and mourning at the time of death and he states that this has been achieved by only a few men in ancient history. Had Atatürk lived before the time of Plutarque, we would definitely be among those happy people. The Turkish Nation has cried for the days for Atatürk like a real father who had given life or actually given back life. Being loved and mourned after this much is an exception in the nations’ history of the world.

Athinaika, Athens, 12th November 1938



Some people regarded Atatürk as a dictator. I say this is wrong and such a thought will lead you on a wrong path. Although the term dictator is well suited to Hitler and Mussolini, actually there is no definition of a dictator. In this case, one may ask, why do you put Atatürk aside from this term.

I have many reasons. First of all, Atatürk was leading a scientific study for the times that he would not exist. His intention was to develop a governmental and constitutional system that would operate after him. He never forced his people to believe in his vision. Instead, he tried to teach and explain his ideals to them. He had taken the decisive power of his nation from the Great National Assembly at the time of the War of Independence while he was planning the future with his friends. The members of the Assembly were elected by the people. The President was elected every four years and the Assembly had the power to rule as well as the power to pass laws. Atatürk’s respect for the Great National Assembly is important. His main concern with the interior affairs was to create a living political organism with the capability to react promptly to situations that might arise.

If he were alive, I suppose that he would refuse to be a candidate for the Presidency and stay aside to observe if the mechanism would function as well as he wanted it to. I am not sure if his friends would accept this, though.

Sir Percy Loraine, UK Ambassador


The death of Atatürk, who saved Turkey in the war and resurrected the Turkish Nation after the war, is a great loss not only for his country but also for all of Europe. The tears of people from all classes in the country are nothing but the proof of respect of the brave and modern Turkey for its leader. (1938)

Winston CHURCHILL, Former Prime Minister of England


The presence of that young and ingenious Turkish Leader at Dardanella was probably the most unfortunate occasion for the allied forces.

Alan Moorehead, English Author


It is necessary to explain the reality in the battlefields at Dardanella. We are now trying to resist the brave Turkish Army, lead by a brave and clever commander.

General Hamilton


I commemorate Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on his 25th death anniversary with deep respect. Atatürk’s name was known in our country 50 years ago as a brilliant Turkish military commander. After peace was maintained we had the chance to meet him as the Atatürk with his statist features that has put him among the great national leaders in history.

Today, Turkey is in partnership with England in Western unity. England and Turkey share the same general policies and are in contact in various fields. This is mainly a result of the deeds of Atatürk.

On the 25th death anniversary, I respect him as a brave soldier and as the Father of modern Turkey. We will always remember him as a satatesman in admiration and in respect.

Sir A. Douglas Hume


Atatürk’s reform will be continuous. Because this reform has enabled Turkey to change completely after the war and this strong nation has no enemies anymore. This is something no other human being has ever achieved in our time.

Vernon Barlett


Today, Turkey is a big and a new country. This new Turkey had found itself in the personality of Atatürk after the treachery, misery and the wearinessof the war. He gave life to this new Turkey.

Daily Mail


“The Greatest Man of History”

One of the most popular papers of England states that Atatürk is the greatest man of our era and history. It also mentions that his value cannot be compared to any other great personality in history.

While mentioning Atatürk, the paper gives examples from various eras and some distinctive characters remembered in those times and states that Atatürk can never be compared with them, being a great reformer, a great soldier and a great statesman. The paper reads, in order assess Atatürk, it is not enough to follow his way. One has to be as clever as he is and has to make decisions as fast and correct as he does.

The paper states that no other great man in history has ever achieved the privilege to rise to his level.

English Press, London


Atatürk is a fresh and a brave leader because he did not get involved with the beliefs of old. We can say that he is the most powerful statesman of Europe today and there is no doubt that he is the most courageous and original statesman of all.

Herbert Sideabotham, English Author


To understand every incident in detail and the ability to decide and react immediately were the main sources of his unique authority. (1923)

Grace Ellison, English Journalist


Below are the words of the English Prime Minister Lloyd George, known as a Turkish enemy, while he answered the accusations and criticism in the English Parliament for the retreat of the British Army from Anatolia in 1922: “Dear Sirs, you may see an exceptional genius in centuries. It is very unfortunate for us that the great genius of this era came up from the Turkish Nation. There was nothing to be done against the brilliance of Mustafa Kemal.”

Lloyd George, Former Prime Minister of the UK


Kemalist Turkey has shown all the world how to get into its well deserved honored place among the leading countries of the world by strong national economic policies.

The Financial Times, England


The Turkish Reform lead by him personally has brought a free and confident life to the men and women of his nation that no other generation in the history of Turkey had ever achieved. His success made Turkey a European country and changed the history of the near east.

Times Newspaper, England


Atatürk was a leader in the spirit of the Turkish Nation that resembled the national flag.

Daily Telegraph, England


Kemal Atatürk, the President of the Turkish Republic, carries some features that we are not used to seeing in other leaders; modesty, capability and success…

The Truth, English Magazine


Our generation has witnessed many strong men gaining power to lead their countries.

But if studied carefully, it will be seen that none of the reforms generated by other nations and states are as well considered as the ones generated by Atatürk.

Daily Telegraph, England


The foreign policy of Turkey designed by Atatürk has put Turkey among western nations and old enemies have become friends.

Times Newspaper, England


His resistance at Galippoli peninsula in WW I and his ingenious struggle in the War of Independence has brought him glamorous victories.

He has managed to cope with unexpected difficulties and misfortunes with the help of his high spirit and patience.

The Times, England


He added an exceptional energy and an intellectual radicalism to his merciless power and huge ambition. He never got influenced by historical traditions and religious sentimentalism. He always balanced them with his mature policies.

The Times, London


No name in this age has gained such reputation as the name Atatürk.

Observer, London


Turkey was once believed to be an unnecessary member of Europe but under the leadership of Atatürk it became a valuable and revolutionary member of local policy.

Times Newspaper, England


The most gentleman, dependable and friendly statesman of the era is Atatürk.

English Press


If the dictators and the democrats of this age were to be gifted like Atatürk, the world wouldn’t have been separated into two.

English Press


Atatürk was the living example of dignity and honor in a world where these two values are only remembered in words.

English Press


Everyone is crying for the death of Atatürk. His life will always be remembered as a great statesman, a great soldier, a great man of dignity and honor. England salutes this great man whom at first was a brave and noble enemy, then a loyal friend.

Sunday Times, London


No civilized name can create such respect as the name Atatürk. Atatürk is not only a man that changed the life of Turkey, but is also a man who has done only good things in the international arena.

The Observer, England


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Quotations from Mr. Fethi BOLAYIR’s book “Atatürk Quotations and Quotations on Atatürk” have been made while preparing this section.




I am proud to attend to the 25th Anniversary of the Memorial Ceremony of Atatürk’s death. Atatürk reminds us of many things. The historical success of great leaders of this century, leadership that inspires the Turkish Nation, the supreme vision of the modern world, and as a soldier, high determination and bravery.

The birth of the Turkish Nation from the ruins of a collapsing empire, New Turkey’s declaration of its freedom and independence in honor and protecting it since then are the work of Atatürk and his Nation. There is no doubt that the revolutions he has carried out in his country shows how the trust of a nation brings success. There is no other example like this.

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of U.S.A. 10th November 1963


I am sorry in two ways. First of all, I, like all the world, am sorry for such a great man to pass away. Secondly, no matter how much I wanted to get to know him personally, it is now impossible for me to do that.

Franklin ROOSVELT, 32nd President of U.S.A. 10th November 1963


“I have just received the news about Kemal. Someone who knew him personally has passed me the news. While I was in discussion with the Soviet Russian Minister of Foreign affairs Litvinof about the recognition of the Soviet Socialist Government, I had asked who was the most remarkable statesman of Europe for him. He answered promptly saying that the most remarkable statesman of Europe didn’t live in Europe; this statesman was definitely Mustafa Kemal, the President of Turkish Republic.”

Hearing this from a brilliant statesman like Litvinof, who I believe is the most remarkable one of his kind after Disraeli who was once in charge of the United Kingdom, I thought these words were of great importance.

Franklin D. ROOSVELT, 32nd President of U.S.A., 1928


Atatürk’s devotion to his country was highly respected by the whole world.

Franklin D. ROOSVELT, 32nd President of U.S.A., 1928


He was one of the greatest leaders of our age as a soldier and as a statesman. He has made Turkey take its deserved place among the most developed countries of the world. He has given the Turks the feelings of confidence and endurance. I am proud of myself for being one of Atatürk’s loyal friends.

General McArthur


“Dinner parties given to a hundred people were no different than the ones given in European capitals. However, the ones given in the Turkish Republic made them more glamorous compared to the Europeans’ because of the solid gold tableware used that were the remaining of 2nd Mahmud (1808-1839). Apart from all, Mustafa Kemal is a serious warrior. He is strong, confident, thoughtful, hard and straightforward. However, on that night, he was a kind and gentle statesman as well as a perfect President. Every Ambassador that night felt honored to be there with him.”

General Charles Sherill, Former Ambassador of U.S.A. to Ankara, Turkey


It should not be forgotten that Kemal has shown a brilliant strategy at Dumlupınar and has succeeded in making use of the Turkish forces that were less in number.

What the Greek army faced is an exceptionally rare defeat that only a few occupying armies have witnessed in history.

General Charles Sherill, Former Ambassador of U.S.A. to Ankara, Turkey


This Turkish man, admired by the whole world, has made the Turkish people proud of themselves, their history and their language. For the future of his nation, he has generated such a great power that has not been generated in the past several centuries.

General Charles Sherill, Former Ambassador of U.S.A. to Ankara, Turkey


Mustafa Kemal has achieved success mainly because of his endless patience.

General Charles Sherill, Former Ambassador of U.S.A. to Ankara, Turkey


He won Lausanne; the first victory Old Asia has won over Europe win in two centuries.

New York Times


He was one of the most talented leaders of the post war period.

New York Times


One of the most attentive and attractive men has passed away from the stage of the world.

Chicago Tribune


There is a proof of perfect leadership in his dominant eyes. His thick eyebrows never stay still. They rise to high, intellectual peaks and get crossed suddenly to form indescribable cracks on his forehead. He has a fare skin, tanned. He is not a brunette. His hair is blondish brown. The clean-cut features of his mouth and chin show his certainty in his decisions. He is always alert, straightforward and very intelligent.

Gladys Baker, American Journalist


The American Government is in a deep sorrow because of Atatürk’s death. This sorrow is not limited to the Turkish Nation and their borders. It expands widely.

Kordel HALL, Former Secretary of State, U.S.A.


America admires the determination, courage and the results of Atatürk’s deeds that many people can never achieve.

American Press



WORK CITED,31638/quotations-about-ataturk.html

Quotations from Mr. Fethi BOLAYIR’s book “Atatürk Quotations and Quotations on Atatürk” have been made while preparing this section.




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